We make housecalls so that you are able to make using smart devices secure and easy to use. We help you simplify your phones, tablets, computers and network devices to be enjoyable instead of intimidating.  Only what you want to know.  If your devices are frustrating you, let us empower you.  Let us help you make the technology work for you.  Call us today.  317-324-8887


Why Choose Us?

We Make Housecalls

Can’t come to a workshop?  We can come to you.  We can assist with any device or network issue that you may be having from your smart TV to your smart phone.  Let us help.

We Provide Workshops

We provide workshops in various locations around town.  We provide workshops on privacy and security as well as how to set up your digital devices.  Give us a call to find a workshop near you.

We Are Affordable

Many retirees are on a fixed budget.  We provide our services at an affordable rate.  No surprises for you.  Let us help you get connected.

Your #1 Choice For Tech Assistance

Don’t stay frustrated with your devices! Instead, call us today.

Whether you want to get setup on social media or want to move to a smart TV, we can help.

We can assist with back-ups, new device set up, slow machines, privacy and security settings and so much more.

We are here to give you the confidence you need.   It doesn’t have to be that hard or that frustrating.  We make it simple!

No Contract

Pricing for Senior Budgets

We Take the Mystery Out - In Plain English! Only What You Need to Know.

Workshops for Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Centers and Local Communities

We are able to provide an enjoyable, easy to understand workshop for your community.

Community members can bring their devices to the workshop to have a hands on learning experience.  Each workshop is customized to meet the needs of each community.

They are the the Best .. Totally recommend!!

Jeffrey from Facebook Reviews https://www.facebook.com/pg/itfixforseniors/reviews/

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